Robert Cyril Dacapio

Image by the Armiger.

Robert Cyril Dacapio was born in Manila and lives in Parañaque.

Description and symbolism:

For the Armiger, the red field behind the rising sun signifies the blood of the martyrs of democracy and justice that pave the way for our present and future. It symbolizes bravery and integrity as well. The blue field represents the overall aspiration for peace and prosperity and also associates with the waters of the Philippine Islands.

The demi sun depicts a new dawn rising. To the Armiger, it is a representation of hope and faith in the Almighty and our determination to persevere.

The lion with a torch represents history, seen by the Armiger as a bold and undying part of the past, present, and future: that history will reign supreme, will forever bear the truth and serves as the light of the nation and of the world. The mount emphasizes its enduring witness of the events through time. The three Sampaguita flowers represent for the Armiger excellence, wisdom and virtue.

In the crest, the sealion is a longstanding symbol of the Philippines. The sword is associated with honor, duty, and nationalism, while the quill pen refers to the Armiger’s passion for history and the enduring aspiration for knowledge.

The motto translates as “To love and serve.”

Blazon: Shield: Per fess Sanguine and Azure, issuant from the line of division a demi sun Or, and in base on a mount Vert adorned with three Sampaguita flowers Argent and Or, a lion passant guardant Or, armed and langued Gules, maintained in its dexter paw a torch Or.

Crest: A demi sea lion rampant Or, armed and langued Gules, maintained in its dexter paw a sword Or and in its sinister paw a quill Or.

Motto: Amare et Servire (“To Love and Serve”)

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, October 27, 2022. Registered, Philippine Armorial, December 20, 2022.

Image and information submitted by the Armiger.

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