Michael Cabrera-Yap

Image by the Armiger.

Michael Cabrera-Yap is a physicist. He was born in General Santos City, and was raised in the United Kingdom.

Emblazonment by Björn Fridén.

Description and symbolism:

The chevron argent symbolizes upward movement and the shining silver of the stars from the Armiger’s astrophysical specialty, cotised or for nobility and grace.

The field of azure and gules is taken from the national colors of the Philippines and the United Kingdom, and represent dual blood and dual identity – equally British and Filipino. The colors also represent the blue of academic study and the red of passion and honor.

The bordure componee sable and or pay tribute to the Spanish Cabrera ancestry of the maternal line – colors linked to the ancient Spanish regions of Urgell and Cabrera.

Blazon: Shield: Per chevron Azure and Gules, a chevron Argent cotised Or, within a bordure componée Or and Sable.

Crest: A Philippine sun Or.

Motto: D’une île à l’autre (“From one island to another”)

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, January 4, 2021. Registered, Philippine Armorial, October 25, 2022.

Image and information submitted by the Armiger.

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