Edeliza Ursal Pelayo

Image by Jerricho Garcia.

Edeliza Ursal Pelayo was born in Cebu City and lives in Davao City. She completed a Bachelor of Elementary Education and is a retired teacher.

Description and symbolism:

The colors overall are taken from the Philippine flag to indicate heritage. The golden eagle symbolizes excellence and rising to the call of duty as an educator, as well as Davao City, the Armiger’s city of residence. The book refers to the teaching profession. The inscription “Nam et Domesticos” reflects the Armiger’s dedication to God and family. In chief, the plum blossom symbolizes the Armiger’s Chinese heritage, while the two fleurs de lis represent the family’s devotion to the Virgin Mary.

On the Armiger’s death the arms are to be inherited by Helen Grace Moncada Garcia, the Armiger’s daughter.

Blazon: Shield: Gules an eagle displayed Or, charged with an escutcheon Azure an open book Or inscribed “Nam et Domesticos” Sable, in chief Azure two fleurs de lis between a plum blossom Or.

Motto: Be just, and fear not

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, April 13, 2009. Motto assumed, 2013. Registered, Philippine Armorial, May 5, 2022.

Image and information submitted by Helen Garcia, the Armiger’s daughter. Design by the Armiger with the assistance of Otis Daniels.

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