Khamer Jun Lugo Manalo

Image by the Armiger.

Khamer Jun Manalo is a Filipino Roman Catholic born in Antipuluhan, Narra, Palawan. His mother is the late Lucita Itumon Lugo-Manalo.

Image by the Armiger.
.Image by the Armiger
Image by Cogi#4183.

He is a graduating senior high school student under the Academic Track, Accountancy, Business and Management Strand. He also enjoys writing and creating art. If destiny wills, he will be taking up BS Accountancy in college.

Description and symbolism:

The colors black and white refer to evil and good, and the shield speaks one word: Uncertainty. The Armiger’s life embodies uncertainty, ranging from the trivial such as choosing what to wear, to deciding to which track to take in direction. His life is full of uncertain decisions that put him or others in harm or in bliss. The shield is a reminder for the Armiger that life is full of uncertainty: you will never know what will happen until it happens. As a design, the stark appearance of the shield represents his love for visual arts and abstract expressionism.

In the crest, the quill and the gouttes of ink symbolizes the Armiger’s love for creative writing, as a visual representation of the writer’s motto, “Keep bleeding [ink to write]”.

The motto is a direct quote from the Philippine national anthem: ‘”Di ka pasisiil” means that none can trample the nation. While this speaks to the Armiger’s love of country, it can also be interpreted as rejecting the concept of “losing” from his personal ethos. The Baybayin script further reflects the Armiger’s patriotism.

Blazon: Shield: Gyronny, per pile throughout, per chevron enhanced, per fess abased Sable and Argent, all counterchanged.

Crest: A dexter arm embowed Proper armoured Argent, the hand holding a quill bendwise Sable penned Argent, below the nib of the quill two gouttes in pale Sable.

Motto: “‘Di ka pasisiil”, written in Philippine abugida Baybayin.

Badge: A quill Argent tipped Sable and a quill Sable tipped Argent in saltire, in chief and base each a goutte de poix, overall a scroll inscribed “‘Di ka pasisiil” written in Philippine abugida Baybayin.

Flag: A Standard, the Arms in hoist, the fly Argent charged to the dexter with two representations of the Crest and to the sinister with the Badge, all separated by two bends Sable inscribed with the Motto in Philippine abugida Baybayin Argent, the whole fringed Argent and Sable.

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, April 22, 2022. Registered, Philippine Armorial, May 10, 2022.

Image and information submitted by the Armiger.

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