Louis Gerard Rotea

Emblazonment by the Armiger.

Louis Gerard Rotea is an electrical engineer licensed to practice in the Philippines and the United States.

Emblazonment by Antonio Salmerón Cabañas.
Emblazonment by Rendell Salgado.
Emblazonment by Heikki Halkosaari.

Description and symbolism:

The arms are meant to be a visual pun or “canting” arms of the armiger’s last name. The red field represents leaf rust/blight or roya in Spanish, while the black and gold wavy stripes represent tea or in Spanish. The intersecting the roya produces ro-TE-ya or Rotea, the armiger’s last name.

The crest reflects the colors of the arms and has no special symbolism. This is favored by the armiger for its simplicity and to keep with Iberian traditions wherein crests were not normally used (instead they used plumes of feathers).

The motto Sperans Tamen Vigilans is Latin for “hopeful, yet watchful” or “optimistic, but vigilant.” This is a shortening of the phrase: “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

Blazon: Shield: Gules, on a fess wavy Or, two bars wavy Sable.

Crest: Issuant from a wreath Or and Gules, five ostrich feathers alternating Gules, Or, Sable, Or, Gules.

Motto: Sperans Tamen Vigilans (“Hopeful, yet watchful”)

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, August 2020. Registered, Cronista de Armas de Castilla y León, No. 69/2020, November 20, 2020. Registered, Philippine Armorial, January 29, 2021.

Certificate of registration from the Cronista de Armas de Castilla y León.

Information and image submitted by the Armiger.

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