Lloyd Ian Morales Cagampan

Emblazonment by the Armorial Register, submitted by the Armiger.

Lloyd Ian Morales Cagampan is a Colonel in the Philippine Marine Corps.

Description and symbolism:

The arms were designed by The Armorial Register Ltd highlighting the armiger’s origin and accomplishments. It also follows the Spanish-Filipino cultures and traditions of the Cagampan clan.

The cross crosslet fitchée is a combination of cross and sword that manifests the unshakeable faith of the family. The crossed sword which, by default, are depicted points upward historically indicate a readiness for battle or conflict; they represent the attributes of the armiger’s military career as a Colonel in the Philippine Marine Corps and philosophy in the service – justice and military honor.

The set square is a reminder to always measure one’s actions, while the compass is a reminder to circumscribe and keep us within bounds with all mankind. It also gives a sense of hope and inspires us to follow our heart and our rightful path.

The mound of fine salts represents the birthplace and origin of the armigers’ predecessors, Pangasinan province, and the primary source of livelihood of the Cagampan clan during the Spanish era. Pangasinan means “Place of Salt” or “Place of Salt-Making”. The depicted pile of fine salts can also be seen in the official seal of Pangasinan province.

The three books represent learning and knowledge, especially in the aspects of reasoning, judgement and skill required in adult life and professional occupations, while the torch symbolizes life, truth, and intelligence. The culture and beliefs of the Cagampans’, like other traditional families of the area, were influenced by the Catholic faith. The color blue was chosen to represent stability, unity, and loyalty. The color red represents military strength, passion, and energy.

The crest of a lion holding a Jerusalem cross represents strength, dauntless courage and valor, and willingness to sacrifice life for the good of Catholic/Christian Faith.

The motto in Spanish, Dios, Familia, El Deber, means God, Family, and Duty. It serves as reminder to always, before anything else, put God first in all your undertakings. Love and devotion to family that sustain us, brings us back to ourselves, and reminds us what is truly meaningful
in our lives. And lastly, Duty, to have a moral obligation and responsibility to perform what is right and uphold the truth.

Blazon: Shield: Gules, on a chevron compony counter compony Azure and Argent between in chief a cross crosslet fitchée between two pairs of swords in saltire Argent hilted and pommeled Or and in base a salt mound Argent, a drawing compass in chevron Or; on a bordure Azure three open books Argent fore-edges and binding Or, two in chief and one in base, and on the flanks two torches Argent flammant Or.

Crest: Issuant from a torse Argent, Azure and Gules repeated, with mantling dexter Azure lined Argent, sinister Gules lined Argent, A lion rampant Sable holding between its forepaws a Jerusalem Cross Gules.

Motto: Dios, Familia, El Deber (“God, Family, Duty”)

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, December 16, 2020. Registered in the private International Register of Arms, volume 4, registration number 0585, December 16, 2020. Registered, Philippine Armorial, December 17, 2020.

Information and image submitted by the Armiger.

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