Manuel Joaquin W. Montinola

Image by Mischa Spreeuwers and the Armiger.

Manuel Joaquin W. Montinola is a physician, residing in Iloilo City.

Badge in the style of Japanese mon by Pyo Ng.

Description and symbolism:

On the shield, the rods of Asclepius represent the Armiger’s medical profession. On the crest, the christogram (chi rho) and the eagle represent Christ and salvation respectively. Taken together, the crest therefore symbolizes Christ as the source of salvation. The Latin motto Esto Melior Quam Es is an inspiration to the reader “to be better than you were”. The shield was designed by Mischa Spreeuwers while the crest and motto were devised by the Armiger.

On the badge, done in the style of Japanese mon, the four mountains refer to the Armiger’s family name.

Blazon: Shield: Azure, a bendlet Gules on a bend Argent, between two rods of Asclepius each within a wreath of laurel leaves Or.

Crest: An eagle’s head erased Argent beaked Or, holding in its beak a chi rho mounted on a staff Or.

Motto: Esto Melior Quam Es (“To be better than you were”).

Badge: Four mountains in saltire points inwards Azure in the style of Japanese mon.

Assumed/granting authority: Shield assumed, 2019. Registered, Philippine Armorial, January 31, 2021. Badge assumed 2022. Registered, Philippine Armorial, July 19, 2022.

Images and information submitted by the Armiger.

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