Rendell Tamaca Salgado

Emblazonment by the Armiger.
Native style emblazonment from the Armiger with salokot headdress, and motto in Baybayin script on a plate.
Emblazonment with Geneva hat and clerical stole in the Reformed tradition from the Armiger.
Emblazonment with a rounded bottom shield in the Spanish tradition from the Armiger.
Emblazonment by Steve Yambao.

Rendell Tamaca Salgado is a protestant minister of the Reformed tradition who was born and raised in Cavite City.

Description and symbolism:

Shield: The wolf in the shield is derived from the armiger’s name, Rendell, a variant of the name Randal which means “shield wolf”. It is a howling wolf, which means either calling a pack to gather or can be a wolf howling at the moon as one calling to a higher Power. The two compass roses symbolize direction and foresight as well as the Confessions and Creeds. The Bible and Cross represent the faith and vocation of the armiger.

Crest: The crest includes a kampilan sword as a representation of the armiger’s Filipino heritage. The arms were designed by the armiger with the advice of friends. Being the first in his family to bear his faith, it signifies a start of a new family line and thus carrying these arms to be passed down to descendants.

An additional emblazonment replaces the helm, crest and mantling with a Geneva hat and clerical stole to represent the armiger’s pastoral office within the Reformed tradition. An alternative emblazonment features native inspired elements, such as a kalasag shield, Ifugao headdress and fabric mantle and motto in Baybayin inscribed on bronze plaques.

Blazon: Shield: Or, a wolf’s head, erased, ululant and sinister facing Gules, on a chief of the last, between two compass roses Or, upon a book open proper, leathered and garnished Or, a Latin cross Sable. Crest and Mantling: A demi-wolf segreant Gules, grasping dexter a kampilan sword Proper and sinister a latin cross Sable. Motto: Dei Gratia Ad Dei Gloriam (By God’s grace, to God’s glory).

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, 2017. Registered, Philippine Armorial, June 25, 2020. Registered for copyright, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Reg. No. G-2021-01046, July 28, 2021.

Description and emblazonments from the Armiger.

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