Brent Joash Ascaño

Emblazonment by Rendell Salgado.

Brent Joash Ascaño is a private individual born and raised in Cagayan de Oro City and currently resides in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Description and symbolism:

Shield: The colors and the variation of the field are a reference to the armiger’s education (blue and white being the school colors and the school being “on a hill,” thus, the chevrons). The Swan traditionally symbolizes grace and beauty as well as everlasting love and loyalty as they are known to be monogamous creatures. Moreover, the black color of the swan symbolizes the armiger’s passion for discovery and his belief that anything is possible which is in reference to the fact that black swans were believed to be non-existent by the Westerners until actual species were discovered. The balance scales is an allusion to the armiger’s astrological sign, Libra. The trefoil in the chief symbolizes the armiger’s immediate family as he is an only child and the cross pattées symbolize his Christian faith and heritage. The color of the chief symbolizes blood ties and intimacy.

Crest: Overall, the crest symbolizes the armiger’s origin. The coconut palm trees are a reference to his parents’ respective hometowns where coconuts are the main crops. The heraldic dolphin represents the “Oro,” the gigantic river monster with golden scales from local folklore in Cagayan de Oro city, the armiger’s birthplace.

Motto: The primary motto, Suum Cuique (which translates to “To each his/her own”), reflects the armiger’s respect for a person’s individuality and uniqueness and his belief in minding one’s own business. It can also be translated as “may all get their due” so in addition, the armiger also emphasizes that despite one’s freedom of choice, he/she should be aware of the consequences of his/her actions and take responsibility. The secondary motto is the old tagalog phrase, Hiraya Manawari, which literally translates to “hope it happens/comes true” or sometimes “reach your dreams.”

Blazon: Escutcheon: Chevronny of eight Azure and Argent, a swan rousant, wings addorsed and inverted Sable, langued, beaked and membered Gules, holding on the dexter a scales Or, on a chief Gules a trefoil between two crosses pattée Or. Crest: On a wreath of the colors, on water barry wavy Azure and Argent, in front of three coconut palm trees fructed proper, a [heraldic] dolphin naiant Or. Motto: Suum cuique (“To each his own”); Hiraya Manawari in Baybayin script (“Reach your dreams”)

Assumed/granting Authority: Assumed, August 2020

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