Peter Paul Mijares

Emblazonment by Roi Andrie Hernandez.

Peter Paul Mijares was born in Ligao City and lives in Pili. He is a technologist specializing in food microbiological and physico-chemical analysis. The Armiger has traced his lineage back to four generations: his father Elmo and grandfather Pedro Mijares, mortuary services providers; his great-grandfather Serapion, a laborer; and his great-great-grandfather, Crispin Mijares, postmaster of Albay.

Description and symbolism:

The owl trampling the serpent recalls the Armiger’s core values of wisdom and prudence. The stalks of grain represent family and faith. As stalks of milllet, they are canting to the Armiger’s family name, “mijar” meaning “millet field” in Spanish. The number of stalks, four, refers to the four Gospels as an allusion to the Armiger’s faith.

In the crest, the raven is commonly known as a herald of death, and recall the Mijares family calling in mortuary services.

Blazon: Shield: Per fess abased Argent and Gules an owl Proper trampling a serpent Vert, in base four stalks of millet Or slipped and leaved Vert.

Crest: A demi-raven displayed Sable.

Motto: Gloriam Vivere Mori Legatum (“Live in Honor, Die with Legacy”)

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, December 27, 2022. Registered, Philippine Armorial, December 29, 2022.

Image and information submitted by the Armiger.

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