Cheong Ming Lam

Emblazonment by Quentin Peacock.
Badge emblazoment by Quentin Peacock.
Standard emblazonment by Nikolai Lopez.

Cheong Ming Lam is the adopted son and member of the family of Muedzul Lail Tan Kiram, who is the eldest son of the last officially recognized Sultan of Sulu and is a pretender to the throne as the 35th Sultan. Lam was born in and lives in the United Kingdom. He is of Chinese decent in the South East province of Fujian, and is a Knight of the Order of Rizal.

The family name Lin/Lam dates back towards the end of the Shang Dynasty and originates from Prince Bai Gan, the son of King Wen Ding and uncle of Zhou, the last King of the Shang Dynasty. He is related to the 1st Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty (from AD 618 to 907) through the maternal side.

Description and symbolism:

The two trees represent a forest and the family name Lam/Lin, which means forest. The family name was granted to Prince Bai Gan’s son by King Wu during the Zhou Dynasty. The family is said to have started at Chang Lin (forest). The three mullets symbolize the stars at the night of the birth of the family. In the crest, the rampant lion represents the star sign of the Armiger. The pearl symbolises the national treasure of the Sulu region of the Armiger’s adoption.

Blazon: Shield: Azure, two trees eradicated Proper with three mullets Argent in chief.

Crest: A lion rampant Or holding a pearl Argent between his front paws.

Motto: Nec Timeo Vincere (“He who fears not, shall win”)

Badge: A tree eradicated proper on a pearl Azure.

Standard: In the hoist the arms, in the fly per fess Azure and Or divided by three bendlets Or holding the motto, between the bendlets a demi lion rampant or holding a pearl silver and an oak tree on its colors circled by oak leaves Or.

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, February 16, 2017. Registered, Registro Araldico Italiano, registration number 30, March 21, 2009; Cronista of Castille and León, March 13, 2017; American College of Heraldry, registration number 3955, January 20, 2018; Registro Internacional De Armas, registration number 869, February 15, 2018; Philippine Armorial, October 14, 2021.

Images and description submitted by the Armiger.

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