Toribio de Cossío


Toribio de Cossío was Governor and Captain General of the Philippines. He was made Marqués de Torre Campo on August 27, 1714.

Description and symbolism: Gules, a tree proper between two towers argent, the dexter surmounted by a banner argent charged of the name COSSIO sable, the sinister surmounted by a mullet of eight points or, in base barry wavy azure and argent, within a bordure or charged of eight ermine points sable.

Cossio description

Assumed/granting authority: Spanish Crown, August 27, 1714.

Artist: Unknown.

Description from Elenco de Grandezas y Titulos Nobilarios Españoles via Sebastian Nelson at the International Heraldry Society Facebook group. Image from Heráldia y nobilaria, by Manuel Pardo de Vera y Diaz.

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