Ronaldo Balot Nilo

Emblazonment with a Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas, by Roi Andrie Hernandez.

Ronaldo Balot Nilo was born in San Guillermo, Isabela and lives in Quezon City. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Civil Engineer in the Philippines and in Qatar, where he has been Chapter President of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers. Nilo holds several appointments as an APEC Engineer (Structural Engineering), ASEAN Engineer (Civil Engineering), and is an ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (Structural Engineering). He was honored in 2021 with a Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas.

The history of the Nilo family can be traced to 1847 with the marriage of Simeon Eustaquia Nilo with Adriana Casiano Doctor, both born in Agno, Pangasinan in the early 1830s. Simeon Eustaquia Nilo is a descendant of the early inhabitants of Agno, located in the western part of Pangasinan facing the South China Sea, founded in 1610 by the Spanish conquistadores along with Christian missionaries. Simeon Eustaquia Nilo begot Pablo Doctor Nilo. Pablo married Cornelia Peralta Rosete and begot Julian Rosete Nilo. Julian married Eugenia Nalanga Doctor and begot Remberto Doctor Nilo. Remberto married Ceferina Carpo Nilo and begot Pepe Carpo Nilo. Pepe married Anita Castaneda Balot in 1963. Pepe and Anita had six children – Marilou, Ronaldo, Ronnie, Roberto, Marichu and Melanie.

Description and symbolism:

The golden cross overall symbolizes Christian faith. The charges represent several themes meaningful to the Armiger and symbolic of various professions to which the Nilo family has been called. The castle represents safety, protection and the engineering profession. The wings allude to swiftness, protection and aeronautical engineering and air navigation. The Rod of Asclepius symbolizes the medical profession. The coin represents involvement in business, while the eagle signifies courage and strength.

The crest of ostrich feathers represent serenity and obedience to elders.

The suspended medal is a Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas: the Pamana ng Pilipino Award is conferred on Filipinos overseas, who, in exemplifying the talent and industry of the Filipino, have brought the country honor and recognition through excellence and distinction in the pursuit of their work or profession.

The two colors have attributed meanings from the Armiger: gold for nobility, magnanimity, wealth, power, light, consistency and wisdom; blue for justice, zeal, truth, loyalty, charity and beauty.

Blazon: Shield: Azure quarterly first a castle, second a vol, third a Rod of Asclepius, fourth a coin charged with an eagle displayed, overall a cross, all Or.

Crest: Three ostrich feathers alternating Or and Azure.

Motto: Omnia Vincit Amor (Love conquers all things)

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, January 23, 2023. Registered, Philippine Armorial, February 3, 2023.

Image and information submitted by the Armiger.

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