Charles Daniel Sison Gareza

Emblazonment by the Armiger.

Charles Daniel Sison Gareza is a graphic designer from Bacolod City. He completed high school at Trinity Christian School in Bacolod City, a BS in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas, and a BS in Nursing at West Negros College.

Description and symbolism:

The bougainvillea refers to the Armiger’s passion for bonsai, as his favorite plant medium. The anchor is a favored symbol while the star memorializes a little angel lost to miscarriage years ago. The beagle is the Armiger’s adopted son. The colors recall those found in the flags of the Philippines and of Italy. The Roman numerals MMXXI refer to the year the arms were assumed by the Armiger. The motto refers to the faithfulness of man’s best friend and the hardiness of the bougainvillea.

Blazon: Shield: Azure two chevronnels Gules, in chief dexter a mullet and in chief sinister an anchor Argent, overall a bougainvillea narcissus Or seeded Argent.

Crest: A beagle proper rampant bearing a scroll inscribed with the Roman numerals MMXXI.

Motto: Ludere nunc – Somniare cras – In aeternum vive (“Play now – Dream tomorrow – Live forever”)

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, December 30, 2021. Registered, Philippine Armorial, January 19, 2022.

Description and image submitted by the Armiger.

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