André Josef Besa Carabeo

Emblazonment by Steve Yambao.

André Josef Besa Carabeo was born in and lives in Parañaque City. He is the son of Dr. Erwin P. Carabeo and Dr. Arlene S. Besa. He is a 2017 graduate of San Beda University with a BS in Human Biology.

Description and symbolism:

At the center is a column with the cross of St. James that partitions the shield into three parts. Primarily, it represents Jesus as the core and firm foundation of the Armiger’s faith and is a reminder for him to persevere in it despite the challenges his life has faced. Moreover, it also symbolizes his particular devotion to St. James the Great, one of the twelve apostles and his favorite saints who was a visionary of the Virgin Mary; the latter appeared on top of pillar in Zaragoza, Spain. The red of the cross recalls the shedding of blood by Jesus at the crucifixion.

The top most part of the shield symbolizes the Armiger’s devotion to the Blessed Mother, the Star of the Morning in her various titles which have greatly influenced him. The six points symbolize Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso, patroness of the city and diocese of Parañaque which is his hometown; the six points stand for the six times her name was drawn out by an eight-year old child after her enthronement at the church of St. Andrew. The star is filled in black and white – the colors of the Dominican order, which represents Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario – La Naval de Manila, to whom his family has a great devotion to. The blue field is the color of the Immaculate Conception, the patroness of his clan.

On the dexter side are the emblems of St. Joseph, patron of the Armiger’s second name; the lilies represents the Saint’s purity while the carpenter’s square represents his trade. The colors green and gold are traditionally associated with the Saint, and also represent the school colors of St. Paul College Parañaque where the Armiger finished his kindergarten and high school education.

The sinister side shows the emblems of St. Andrew the Apostle, the Armiger’s namesake and patron of his hometown; the fishes represent the Saint’s occupation as a fisherman before being called by Jesus and are crossed into an X which recall the Saint’s martyrdom by crucifixion on a crux decussata. While the colors red and white are the Saint’s colors because of his martyrdom, they also represents San Beda College, both in Alabang and Manila, where the Armiger finished his elementary and college educations, respectively.

Blazon: Paly of four Vert, Or, Gules and Argent, on a pillar throughout Tenné a Cross of St. James Gules at nombril point between in dexter two lilies Argent surmounting a carpenter’s square proper and in sinister in sinister two fishes in saltire Argent on a chief enarched Azure a mullet of six points gyronny Argent and Sable.

Assumed/granting authority: Assumed, May 31, 2021. Registered, Philippine Armorial, 31 October, 2021.

Image and description submitted by the Armiger.

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