Vincent Beswick-Escanlar

Emblazonment by D Robert Tunstall, from the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Vincent Beswick-Escanlar is a physician in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Emblazonment by Quentin Peacock.
Emblazonment by Brian Abshier, in the medieval style of the Bellenville armorial.
Emblazonment by Rendell Salgado with traditional Philippine elements: a kalasag shield, a kampilan sword, a salokot hat, and motto in Baybayin script on a plate.
Emblazonment by Steve Yambao, in the medieval style of the Bellenville armorial.

Description and symbolism:

Arms: The colours blue, gold, red and white reflect the national flag of the Philppines, the home of Dr Beswick-Escanlar’s ancestors. The white chevron with blue waves represent a carpenter’s square and unfurled fabrics, recalling his maternal hometown of Taytay, Philippines, a center for woodworks and garments. Over a blue triangle, the waves also allude to seas surrounding a mountain: Mount Napulak, a landmark in Igbaras, Philippines, overlooking Guimbal, Philippines, where he traces his paternal heritage. The two suns are Philippine cultural symbols, and on a red background represent him and his brother, Filipino by heritage and Canadian by birth. The gold sword entwined by a silver serpent stands for Dr Beswick-Escanlar’s career as a military physician. The balance represents his wife, a lawyer.

Crest: The sealion is a Philippine cultural symbol and reflects Dr Beswick-Escanlar’s parents; set in a coronet of maple leaves, a symbol of Canada, and prairie lilies, the floral emblem of Saskatchewan, it represents the immigration of his parents. The sealion’s wings allude to the American bald eagle and the heritage of his father-in-law, while the St Brigid cross recalls his mother-in-law’s Irish background and the Beswick-Escanlar’s Catholic faith. The paintbrush honours his father, an artist, and the quill pen his parents-in-law passion for writing.

Motto: The phrase is a military principle of leadership that Dr Beswick-Escanlar has found instructive and inspirational, and which he often quotes to patients to empower them to improve their own health.

Blazon: Shield: Per chevron Gules and Azure a chevron barry wavy Argent and Azure between in chief two suns Or and in base a sword surmounting a balance Or and entwined by a snake Argent.

Crest: Issuant from a coronet of maple leaves and western red lilies Gules, a sea-lion Or winged Gules charged with a Brigid cross or, holding in its sinister paw a paintbrush and in its dexter paw a quill pen Argent.

Assumed/granting authority: Canadian Heraldic Authority, July 20, 2017.

Description from the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

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