Mangubat was the Sovereign of Mactan in the late 16th-century. He joined the Spanish during the colonization of the Philippines and waged war to further spread their rule, contributing to the fall of fellow native rulers Lakan Dula, Sulayman and Ache. In return for his service to Spain he was granted the title of a Spanish noble and a coat of arms. His descendants include various colonial governors in the region.

Description and symbolism: His shield shows a gold pike on a blue field, reflecting Mangubat’s military service to Spain.

Mangubat blazon

Assumed/granting authority: Spanish Crown, 16th-century.

Artist: Unknown.

Description and image from Brient Mangubat from Mactan Island History. Blazon by Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent, Cronista Rey de Armas from Repertorio de blasones de la comunidad hispanica.

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